What is my EPG URL, How to setup EPG URL [Solved]

EPG (electronic program guide):

EPG is now a days an important part of an iptv subscription. Users pay to the provider who offer EPG including the subscription. This is a software that let you know whats current program on the tv channels and what will be the next till weekend.

What is my EPG URL?

Your EPG URL offered by us will be like : http://link.iptvsubscription.org:6969/xmltv.php?username=123&password=789

The 123 and 789 are the username and password available into your long m3u URL.

Why EPG isn’t working on SIPTV (Smart IPTV)?

Almost all other apps except SIPTV use default EPG type (xml file or URL), providers pay EPG providers for default xml EPG and they add into their server (we also do same) but providers don’t preffer to buy extra EPG just for 1 App and pay double for for a single app.

So that’s why when you’re adding playlist to SIPTV and check detect EPG which fails later, just because provider don’t have a valid supported EPG for SIPTV’s EPG system.

How i know if my provider support EPG or not?

There are 2 valid tests to know if your provider support EPG or not.

  1. Ask provider if they offer (checkout their website or contact)
  2. Directly try accessing the URL of EPG if works then its supported otherwise No. (explained above “What is my EPG URL”)

Can i still get EPG for my subscription, if provider don’t offer it?

Yes, there are few epg providers in market selling legal EPG services on their websites including channels logos. They’re offering both personal EPG subscription and providers with best packages.

Why i am getting wrong info on EPG for few channels?

Actually not any provider has their own EPG setup, they keep paying money to legal EPG service providers for their servers. If there are some channels showing wrong information, this is must an issue from EPG provider not IPTV provider. The solution can be send a complaint to provider to ping EPG provider about the issue. As they listen and fix that it will be good for all their clients including you!

Why EPG isn’t showing on few channels?

Not showing EPG on specific channels or packages/countries, not available data to provider can be the possible reason. As per we know the EPG being used by URL can’t be edited even by IPTV provider, except EPG provider.

There are options to IPTV provider to buy EPG of specific country/packages and it cost less to an IPTV provider. You can ask provider to add EPG of the country you need. They can add it if customer satisfaction is they key to success THEY BELIEVE.

Why should i buy an EPG service?

EPG is necessary for you if:

  • You must wanna know about TV programs schedule.
  • You’re a reseller and the Main provider don’t offer it.
  • You’re server owner (using restreams with XC) and wanna get more sales by having an extra best EPG feature to channels.

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